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Red summer cottages, dala horses, kur- bits, elks, midsummer, blueberries, lingon- berries, and in the middle of it all - coffee breaks. Because what Swedes really like is a coffee break!

FLORYD designs and sells products with a visible, graphical and colorful design with inspiration from our Swedish traditions, our nature, and the 50-70 ́s. In the prod- uct range there are porcelain, tea, trays, coasters, posters, towels and sneakers. Products are manufactured and produced in Sweden and in Europe.

FLORYD was established 2012 and is managed by My Floryd Welin, graphic and pattern designer. My was born in 1984
in Nacka just outside Stockholm. Since that day it was clear that she would work with a creative work. In 2012 she took a degree in packaging development and

design at Nackadememin in Stockholm. Before the designstudies she studied ceramic design, graphical communication, media production and she also have a 3 year high school diploma based on art and design.

My cooperates with various companies world wide, for example Uniqlo (world wide), Cissi and Selma (Sweden), Living world (south korea), ARKI design (Fin- land). She is also working together with scandinavianpatterncollection, A group of Scandinavia-based designers who works with pattern design for the japanese mar- ket. A collaboration between Scandinavia and Japan. Some of the japanase clients are Uniqlo, Loft, Blooming nakanishi & company, Arco design etc.